Chronological Table
(Sep 15) Agatha Mary Clarrisa Miller was born in Torquay, Devonshire as the second daughter of Frederick Alvah Miller and Clarrisa. She was the youngest of their three children -sister Marjorie(Madge), brother Louis(Monty).
(age 6) As Father Frederik's health worsened, the family went to the South of France and stayed there for six months. She learned French during their stay.
(age 11) Frederik died of acute pneumonia.
(age 12) She started writing poetry and short stories, and began to submit them to some magazines, upon her mother's advice.
(age 15) She went to Paris to study at a boarding school.
(age 16) She contemplated a career as a singer, but she knew she was too shy to do so. For treatment of her mother's illness they travelled to Cairo.
She asked Eden Phillpotts, who lived near her house, to read and comment on her long novel "Snow Upon the Desert".
(age 17) She read Gaston Leroux's "The Mystery of the Yellow Room", and disagreed with Madge as to whether Agatha could write a mystery or not.
(age 22) She met Archibald Christie at a ball and fell in love with him. At that time, however, she was already engaged to a young man named Reggie Lucy. She broke off their engagement.
(age 24) World War I broke out. Only two days after their wedding, Archie left for France to serve in the RAF while Agatha worked as a voluntary nurse in a hospital, where she aquired knowledge of poisons.
(age 26) She wrote her first book, which was eventually published, "The Mysterious Affair at Styles", in which the Bergian detective Hercule Poirot made his debut. She sent the manuscript to some publishers, but it was not immediately accepted.
(age 28) Archibald was transferred and moved to London with Agatha.
(age 29) Rosalind, Agatha's first and only child, was born.
`World Hymn' (The Poetry Review, Mar./Apr.)
`Dark Sheila' (Poetry of To-day, May/Jun.)
`A Passing' (Poetry of To-day, Nov./Dec.)



`The Mysterious Affair at Styles' (The Times Weekly Edition, Feb.-Jun.)
The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Bodley Head)
¶ Her works were recognized by a publisher John Lane and "The Mystrious Affair at Styles" was published by The Bodley Head.


The Secret Adversary (Bodley Head)
¶ Agatha started a round-the-world-tour as a member of the The British Empire Exhibition Mission. (Returned next year)


The Murder on the Links (Bodley Head)
`The Affair at the Victory Ball' (The Sketch, Mar.)
`The Curious Disappearance of the Opalsen Pearls' a.k.a. `The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan' (The Sketch, Mar.) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Adventure of the King of Clubs' (The Sketch, Mar.)
`The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim' (The Sketch, Mar.) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Mystery of the Plymouth Express' (The Sketch, Apr.)
`The Adventure of The Western Star' (The Sketch, Apr.) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor' (The Sketch, Apr.) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Kidnapped Prime Minister' (The Sketch, Apr.) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Million Dollar Bond Robbery' (The Sketch, May) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Adventure of the Cheep Flat' (The Sketch, May) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Mystery of Hunters Lodge' (The Sketch, May) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Clue of the Chocolate Box' (The Sketch, May)
`A Trap for the Unway' a.k.a. `The Actress' (Novel Magazine, May)
`The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb' (The Sketch, Sep.) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Clue of the Veiled Lady' (The Sketch, Oct.)
`The Kidnapping of Johnnie Waverly' a.k.a. `The Adventure of Johnnie Waverley' (The Sketch, Oct)
`The Market Basing Mystery' (The Sketch, Oct.)
`The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman' (The Sketch, Oct.) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Case of the Missing Will' (The Sketch, Oct.) > "Poirot Investigates"
`The Submarine Plans' (The Sketch, Nov.)
`The Adventure of the Clapham Cook' (The Sketch, Nov.)
`The Lost Mine' (The Sketch, Nov.)
`The Cornish Mystery' (The Sketch, Nov.)
`The Double Clue' (The Sketch, Dec)
`The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding' (The Sketch, Dec.)
`The Le Mesurier Inheritance' (The Sketch, Dec.)
`The First Wish' a.k.a. `The Clergyman's Daughter' a.k.a. `The Red House' (Grand Magazine, Dec.) > "Partners in Crime"


The Man in the Brown Suit (Bodley Head)
Poirot Investigates (Bodley Head)
The Road of Dreams (poem) (Geoffrey Bles)
¶ Made a contract with Collins.
¶ Moved to Sunningdale and named her new house "Styles".
`The Unexpected Guest' (The Sketch, Jan.) > "The Big Four"
`The Adventure of the Dartmoor Bungalow' (The Sketch, Jan.) > "The Big Four"
`The Lady on the Stairs' (The Sketch, Jan.) > "The Big Four"
`The Radium Thieves' (The Sketch, Jan.) > "The Big Four"
`In the House of the Enemy' (The Sketch, Jan.) > "The Big Four"
`The Yellow Jasmine Mystery' (The Sketch, Feb.) > "The Big Four"
`The Chess Problem' (The Sketch, Feb.) > "The Big Four"
`The Baited Trap' (The Sketch, Feb.) > "The Big Four"
`The Adventure of the Peroxide Blonde' (The Sketch, Feb.) > "The Big Four"
`The Girl in the Train' (Grand Magazine, Feb.)
`The Terrible Catastrophe' (The Sketch, Mar.) > "The Big Four"
`The Dying Chinaman' (The Sketch, Mar.) > "The Big Four"
`The Crag in the Dolomites' (The Sketch, Mar.) > "The Big Four"
`The Passing of Mr. Quinn' a.k.a. `The Coming of Mr. Quin' (Grand Magazine, Mar.)
`While the Light Lasts' (Novel Magazine, Apr)
`The Red Signal' (Grand Magazine, Jun.)
`The Mystery of the Blue Jar' (Grand Magazine, Jul.)
`The Mystery of the Second Cucumber' a.k.a. `Mr Eastwood's Adventure' (Novel Magazine, Aug.)
`Jane in Search of a Job' (Grand Magazine, Aug.)
`Publicity' a.k.a. `A Pot of Tea' a.k.a. `A Fairy in the Flat' (The Sketch, Sep.) > "Partners in Crime"
`The Affair of the Pink Pearl' (The Sketch, Oct.) > "Partners in Crime"
`Finessing the King' a.k.a. `Gentleman Dressed in Newspaper' (The Sketch, Oct.) > "Partners in Crime"
`The Case of the Missing Lady' (The Sketch, Oct.) > "Partners in Crime"
`The Adventure of the Sinister Stranger' (The Sketch, Oct.) > "Partners in Crime"
`The Sunninghall Mystery' a.k.a. `The Sunningdale Mystery' (The Sketch, Oct.) > "Partners in Crime"
`The Shadow on the Glass' (Grand Magazine, Oct.)
`The House of Lurking Death' (Grand Magazine, Oct.) > "Partners in Crime"
`The Matter of the Ambassador's Boots' (The Sketch, Nov.) > "Partners in Crime"
`The Affair of the Forged Notes' a.k.a. `The Cracker' (The Sketch, Nov.) > "Partners in Crime"
`Blind Man's Bluff' (The Sketch, Nov.) > "Partners in Crime"
`Philomel Cottage' (Grand Magazine, Nov.)
`The Man in the Mist' (The Sketch, Dec.) > "Partners in Crime"
`The Man Who was Number Sixteen' (The Sketch, Dec.) > "Partners in Crime"
`The Day of His Dreams' a.k.a. `The Manhood of Edward Robinson' (Grand Magazine, Dec.)


The Secret of Chimneys (Bodley Head)
`Traitor Hands' a.k.a. `The Witness for the Prosecution' (Flynn's Weekly, Jan.)
`A Sign in the Sky' (Grand Magazine, Jul.)
`Who Killed Ackroyd?' (London Evening News, Jul.-Sep.)
`Within a Wall' (Royal Magazine, Oct.)
`A Man of Magic' a.k.a. `At the Bells and Motley' (Grand Magazine, Nov.)
`The Fourth Man' (Grand Magazine, Dec.)
`The Benevolent Butler' a.k.a. `The Listerdale Mystery' (Grand Magazine, Dec.)


The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Collins)
¶ Finale of "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" was a great disappointment to some of the readers. They thought the trick was unfair.
¶ In the light of her much-loved Mother's death and being on bad terms with Archibald, Agatha was mentally exhausted. In December she mysteriously disappeared and was found eleven days later at a hotel. She was later diagnosed with temporary amnesia.
`The House of Dreams' a.k.a. `The House of Beauty' (Sovereign Magazine, Jan.)
`S.O.S.!' (Grand Magazine, Feb.)
`Magnolia Blossom' (Royal Magazine, Mar.)
`The Rajah's Emerald' (Red Magazine, Jul.)
`The Lonely God' (Royal Magazine, Jul.)
`Swan Song' (Grand Magazine, Sep.)
`At the Crossroads' a.k.a. `The Love Detectives' (Flynn's Weekly, Oct.)
`The Under Dog' (London Magazine, Oct.)
`The Soul of the Croupier' (Flynn's Weekly, Nov.)
`World's End' (Flynn's Weekly, Nov.)
`The Voice in the Dark' (Flynn's Weekly, Dec.)
`Wireless' (Sunday Chronicle Annual 1926)


The Big Four (Collins)
`The Edge' (Pearson's Magazine, Feb.)
`Harlequin's Lane' (Storyteller, May)
`The Tuesday Night Club' (Royal Magazine, Dec.)


The Mystery of the Blue Train (Collins)
¶ Agatha and Archibald Christie divorced.
[Play] "Alibi" (adapted by Michael Morton, based on "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd", at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London)
`The Idol House of Astarte' (Royal Magazine)
`Ingots of Gold' (Royal Magazine)
`The Bloodstained Pavement' (Royal Magazine)
`Motive versus Opportunity' (Royal Magazine)
`The Thumb Mark of St.Peter' (Royal Magazine)
`The Unbreakable Alibi' (Holly Leaves Magazine, Dec.)


The Seven Dials Mystery (Collins)
Partners in Crime (Collins)
The Sunningdale Mystery (Collins)
The Passing of Mr Quinn (London Book Company)
: book of the film adapted by G. Roy McRae from the short story.
`The Third Floor Flat' (Faber,The Best Detective Stories of the Year)



The Mysterious Mr.Quin (Collins)
The Murder at the Vicarage (Collins)
Giant's Bread (Mary Westmacott) (Collins)
¶ She made the second trip to the Middle and Near East, where she met Max Mallowan, an archaeologist and 14 years her junior. They got married on September 11th.
[play] "Black Coffee" (at Embassy Theatre, London)
[play] "Chimneys" (unpublished play based on "The Secret of Chimneys")
`Manx Gold' (Daily Dispatch, May)
`Behind the Screen'


The Sittaford Mystery (Collins)
¶ Bought Winterbrook House
The Floating Admiral (Hodder and Stoughton)
: the relay novel written by the members of The Detection Club.
`The Scoop'


Peril at End House (Collins)
The Thirteen Problems (Collins)
[play] "The Wasps' Nest" (unpublished play)
`The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest' (Strand Magazine, Jan.)
`The Second Gong' (Strand Magazine, Jul.-Dec.)
`The £10 Adventure' (Strand Magazine, Nov.)


Lord Edgware Dies (Collins)
The Hound of Death (Odhams)
¶ Accompanied Max on archaeological digs in Appalachia.


Black Coffee (Alfred Ashley)
Murder on the Orient Express (Collins)
The Listerdale Mystery (Collins)
Why Didn'n They Ask Evans? (Collins)
Parker Pyne Investigates (Collins)
Unfinished Portrait (Mary Westmacott) (Collins)


Three Act Tragedy (Collins)
Death in the Clouds (Collins)
¶ 10,000 copies were sold in the first year and made her a steady Best-Seller writer.


The ABC Murders (Collins)
Murder in Mesopotamia (Collins)
Cards on the Table (Collins)
Love from a Stranger (play) (Collins)
: adapted by Frank Vosper, based on 'Philomel Cotage', at New Theatre, London


Dumb Witness (Collins)
Death on the Nile (Collins)
Murder in the Mews (Collins)
¶ Wrote a play "Akhnaton", that was never to be produced on stage. (Published in 1973)
`Poirot and the Regatta Mystery' (Strand Magazine, Jun.)
`Poirot and the Crime in Cabin 66' (Strand Magazine)
`Problem at Pollensa Bay' (Strand Magazine)


Appointment with Death (Collins)
Hercule Poirot's Christmas (Collins)
¶ Sold off the Ashfield, her home, and bought Greenway House in Devon.


Murder Is Easy (Collins)
Ten Little Niggers (Collins)
: later retitled "And Then There Were None"
The Regatta Mystery (Dodd Mead)
¶ U.K. declared war against Hitler.
`The Nemean Lion' (Strand Magazine, Nov.)



Sad Cypress (Collins)
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (Collins)
Peril at End House (play) (Samuel French)
: adapted by Arnold Ridley, at Vaudeville Theatre, London
`The Horse of Diomedes' (Strand Magazine, Jun.)
`The Girdle of Hippolyte' (Strand Magazine, Jul.)


Evil under the Sun (Collins)
N or M ? (Collins)
¶ Rosalind married Hubert Pritchard.
¶ Mallowan left for Cairo, as an Arabic specialist of the British War Department. Agatha moved to London and worked in a hospital in the farmaceutical department.


The Body in the Library (Collins)
Five Little Pigs (Collins)
¶ About this time she wrote "Curtain" and "Sleeping Murder". She had planned on giving the former to Rosalind and the latter to Max, and kept both manuscripts in a safe.


The Moving Finger (Collins)
Ten Little Niggers (play) (Samuel French)
: at St.James Theatre, London
¶ Grandchild Mathew was born.


Towards Zero (Collins)
Absent in the Spring (Mary Westmacott) (Collins)
¶ It is said that she wrote it up in three days without any rest.
¶ Agatha's son-in-law, Hubert, was killed in battle.


Death Comes as the End (Collins)
Sparkling Cyanide (Collins)
Appointment with Death (paly) (Samuel French)
Hidden Horizon (play) (Samuel French)
: adaptation of "Death on the Nile", at Ambassador Theatre, London
¶ In May Max came back to England and the Mallowans moved back to Greenway House.


The Hollow (Collins)
Come, Tell Me How You Live (Agatha Christie Mallowan) (Collins)


The Labours of Hercules (Collins)
¶ Wrote "The Mousetrap" at the personal request of Queen Mary, for the BBC radio programme celeblating her birthday.


Taken at the Flood (Collins)
The Rose and the Yew Tree (Mary Westmacott) (Collins)
Witness for the Prosecution and other Stories (Dodd,Mead)
¶ Accompanied Max on archaeological digs in Nimrud, Iraq. From this year on, she continued to visit Nimrud and wrote in her room, named "BEIT AGATHA", lodgings.


Crooked House (Collins)
Murder at the Vicarage (paly) (Samuel French)
: adapted by Moie Charles and Barbara Toy, at Play House, London
¶ Rosalind got remarried to Anthony Hicks, a solicitor.
¶ A London Sunday Times columnist exposed the truth as to Mary Westmacott's true identity.



A Murder Is Announced (Collins)
Three Blind Mice and Other Stories (Dodd,Mead)
¶ Agatha became a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.
¶ Met the well-known Impresario Peter Saunders
¶ Started writing her autobiography in "BEIT AGATHA"


They Came to Baghdad (Collins)
The Under Dog and other stories (Dodd,Mead)
The Hollow (play) (Samuel French)
: at Fortune Theatre, London


Mrs.McGinty's Dead (Collins)
They Do It with Mirrors (Collins)
A Daughter's a Daughter (Mary Westmacott) (Heinemann)
The Mousetrap (play) (Samuel French)
: adaptation of 'Three Blind Mice', at Ambassador Theatre, London


After the Funeral (Collins)
A Pocket Full of Rye (Collins)
Witness for the Prosecution (play) (Smauel French)
: at Winter Garden Theatre, London


Destination Unknown (Collins)
Spider's Web (play) (Samuel French)
: at Savoy Theatre, London
¶ Won the Grand Masters Prize from Mystery Writers of America.


Hickory Dickory Dock (Collins)
¶ Agatha Christie Limited was founded.


Dead Man's Folly (Collins)
The Burden (Mary Westmacott) (Heinemann)
[play] "Towards Zero" (dramatised with Gerald Verner, St.James Theatre, London) (Samuel French, 1958)
¶ She was made CBE(Commander of the British Empire).


4:50 from Paddington (Collins)
[Movie] "Witness for the Prosecution" (USA)


Ordeal by Innocence (Collins)
Verdict (play) (Samuel French)
: at Strand Theatre, London
Towards Zero (play) (Samuel French)
: dramatised with Gerald Verner, St.James Theatre, London, 1956
The Unexpected Guest (play) (Samuel French)
: at Duchess Theatre, London
¶ Became president of The Detection Club.
¶ The digs in Nimrud was completed.


Cat among the Pigeons (Collins)



The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (Collins)
Go Back for Murder (play) (Samuel French)
: adaptation of "Five Little Pigs", at Duchess Theatre, London
¶ Max was awarded CBE as an excellent archaeologist.


The Pale Horse (Collins)
Double Sin (Dodd,Mead)
¶ Given an Honorary Doctor's Degree from Exeter Univ.


The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (Collins)
Rule of Three (play) (Samuel French)
: at Duchess Theatre, London
¶ Ex-hasband Archibald Christie Died.


The Clocks (Collins)


A Caribbean Mystery (Collins)


At Bertram's Hotel (Collins)
Star over Bethlehem (Agatha Christie Mallowan) (Collins)
¶ Finished writing her autobiography.
[Movie] "And Then There Were None" (UK)


Third Girl (Collins)
¶ Max published "Nimrud and Its Remains"


Endless Night (Collins)


By the Pricking of My Thumbs (Collins)
¶ Max was Knighted.


Hallowe'en Party (Collins)



Passenger to Frankfurt (Collins)


Nemesis (Collins)
The Golden Ball and other Stories (Dodd,Mead0)
¶ She was made DBE (Dame Commander of the British Empire).


Elephants Can Remember (Collins)
[play] "Fiddlers Three" (at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Gilford)
¶ Agatha's wax image was displayed in Madame Tussaud's.


Postern of Fate (Collins)
Akhnaton (play written in 1937) (Collins)
Poems (Collins)


Poirot's Early Cases (Collins)
[Movie] "Murder on the Orient Express" (UK)


Curtain (Collins)


Sleeping Murder (Collins)
¶ Agatha died on January 12th.


An Autobiography (Collins)
A Murder Is Announced (paly) (Samuel French)
: adapted by Leslie Darben, at Vaudeville Theatre, London
¶ Max's memoirs, "Mallowan's Memories", was published.


¶ Max Mallowan died.
[Movie] "Death on the Nile" (UK+USA)


Miss Marple's Final Cases (Collins)



Cards on the Table (play) (Samuel French)
: adapted by Leslie Darben, at Vaudeville Theatre, London


[TV series] "Partners in Crime" (UK/LWT) 10 stories


[TV series] "Miss Marple". Miss Marple by Joan Hickson. (UK/BBC)


[TV series] "Agatha Christie's POIROT I", Poirot by David Suchet. (UK/LWT)


Problem at Pollensa Bay (HarperCollins)


¶ Agatha Christie Society was founded.
[play] "Murder is Easy" (unpublished play adapted by Clive Exton)


While the Light Lasts (HarperCollins)
Black Coffee (novel) (HarperCollins)
: Adapted a novel by Charles Osborne


The Unexpected Guest (novel) (HarperCollins)
: Adapted a novel by Charles Osborne


Spider's Web (novel) (HarperCollins)
: Adapted a novel by Charles Osborne


The Monogram Murders (HarperCollins)
: The new Poirot novel, written by Sophie Hannah.


Closed Casket (HarperCollins)
: Written by Sophie Hannah.