The Mysterious Mr. Quin
To Harlequin
the invisible
Collins, London, Apr. 1930
Dodd, Mead, New York, 1930


So far, it had been a typical New Year's Eve house party. But Mr Satterthwaite a keen observer of human nature - sensed that the real drama of the evening was yet to unfold.
So it proved when a mysterious stranger arrived after midnight. Who was this Mr Quin? And why did his presence have such a pronounced effect on Eleanor Portal, the woman with the dyed-black hair?

The Coming of Mr. Quin

a.k.a. 'The Passing of Mr. Quin', Grand Magazine, Mar. 1924
a.k.a. 'Mr. Quinn Passes By', Muncey Magazine, Mar. 1925

Film & TV Dramas

The Passing of Mr. Quinn, UK, 1928
Film list

The Shadow on the Glass

Grand Magazine, Oct. 1924

At the Bells and Motley

Flynnís Weekly, Jul.17 1926
a.k.a. 'A Man of Magic', Grand Magazine, 1925
a.k.a. 'The Disappearance of Captain Harwell'

The Sign in the Sky

a.k.a. 'A Sign in the Sky', Grand Magazine, Jul. 1925

The Soul of the Croupier

Flynn's Weekly, Nov.13 1926; The Story-Teller, Jan. 1927

The Man from the Sea

Britannia and Eve, Oct. 1929

The Voice in the Dark

Flynn's Weekly, Dec.4 1926; The Story-Teller, Mar. 1927

The Face of Helen

The Story-Teller, Apr. 1927; The Detective Story Magazine, Aug. 6 1927

The Dead Harlequin

Detective Fiction Weekly, Jun.22 1929

The Bird with the Broken Wing

The World's End

Flynn's Weekly, Nov.20 1926
a.k.a. 'World's End'. The Story-Teller, Feb. 1927

Harlequin's Lane

The Story-Teller, May. 1927

UK/US covers

Collins / HarperCollins

Dodd, Mead







Western Europe covers

Le Mystérieux Mr Quinn / Mr Quinn en voyage

French index

Mr Quinn en voyage

Le Masque (#1051) 1969

Club des Masques (#144) 1972

Le Livre de Poche

Le Mystérieux Mr Quinn

Le Masque (#1045) 1969

Club des Masques (#144) 1972

Le Livre de Poche


De geheimzinnige Mr.Quin

Dutch index

Der seltsame Mr. Quin

German index


Northern Europe covers

Den mystiske Mr Quin

Swedish index

Den mystiske Mr. Quin

Danish index


De dødes advokat

Norwegian index

Herra Quin esittäytyy

Finnish index

Dularfulli Herra Quin

Saladuslik Härra Quin

Estonian index

Noslēpumainais misters Kīns

Paslaptingasis misteris Kvinas

Lithuanian index

Southern Europe covers

Il Misterioso Signor Quin

Italian index

El enigmático Mr. Quin

Spanish index

O Misterioso Sr. Quin / O Misterioso Mr. Quin

Portuguese index

O Misterioso Sr. Quin

O Misterioso Senhor Quin

O Misterioso Mr. Quin

Ο μυστηριώδης μίστερ Κουήν

Greek index

Мистериозни господин Квин / Misteriozni Gospodin Kvin / Tajanstveni gospodin Kvin

former Yugoslavia index

Tajanstveni gospodin Quin

former Yugoslavia index

Skrivnostni gospod Quin

former Yugoslavia index

Tajanstveni gospodin Quin

former Yugoslavia index

Eastern Europe covers

Záhadný pan Quin

Czech index

A titokzatos Mr. Quin

Hungarian index

Загадъчният господин Куин / Загадъчният мистър Куин

Bulgarian index

Tajemniczy pan Quin

Polish index

Misteriosul domn Quin / Misteriosul Mr. Quin

Romanian index

Таємничий містер Кін

Таинственный мистер Кин / Таинственный мистер Квин / Загадочный мистер Квинн

Russian index

Middle East & Asian covers

Ölümün Tam Zamanı / Esrarengiz Ar Lö Ken

Turkish index

מר קווין חוקר

Hebrew index

برج السموم / الرجل الغامض ⁄ السيد كوين الغامض

Arabic index

آقای کوئین در رویستون ⁄ آقای کوئین مرموز

A.P. = anno Persico (Persian year); Persian index

Mr.Quin yang Misterius

Indonesian index


Thai index

Người đàn ông bí ẩn

Vietnamese index

折翼之鳥 / 神秘的奎恩先生 / 謎樣的鬼豔先生 / 神秘的奎因先生

Chinese index

謎のクィン氏 / クィン氏の事件簿 / 海から来た男 / 翼の折れた鳥

Japanese index

수수께끼의 할리 퀸

Korean index