Three Act Tragedy
Delicated to
My Friends, Geoffrey and Violet Shipston
Collins, London, Jan. 1935
Dodd Mead, New York, 1934 as "Murder in Three Act"
Saturday Evening Post, Jun.9-Jul.14 1934 as 'Murder in Three Acts'


Thirteen guests arrived for dinner at the actor's house. It was to be a particularly unlucky evening for the mild-mannered Reverend Stephen Babbington, who choked on his cocktail, went into convulsions and died.
But when his martini glass was sent for chemical analysis, there was no trace of poison - just as Poirot had predicted. Even more troubling for the great detective, there was absolutely no motive ...


First Act - Suspicion
1. Crow's Nest
2. Incident Before Dinner
3. Sir Charles Wonders
4. A Modern Elaine
5. Flight From A Lady
Second Act - Certainty
1. Sir Charles Receives A Letter
2. The Missing Butler
3. Which Of Them?
4. The Evidence Of The Servants
5. In The Butler's Room
6. Concerning An Ink-Stain
7. Plan Of Campaign
Third Act - Discovery
1. Mrs Babbington
2. Lady Mary
3. Re-Enter Hercule Poirot
4. A Watching Brief
5. Division of Labour
6. Cynthia Dacres
7. Captain Dacres
8. Angela Sutcliffe
9. Murial Wills
10. Oliver Manders
11. Poirot Gives A Sherry Party
12. Day At Gilling
13. Mrs De Rushbridger
14. Miss Milray
15. Curtain


Charles Cartwright, Mr Satterthwaite, Dr.Strange, Miss Milray, Rev.Babbington, Mrs.Babbington, Hercule Poirot

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Murder in Three Acts, US, 1986
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Three Act Tragedy, ITV/UK, 2010
Agahta Christie's POIROT XII
Drame en trois actes, France 2/FR, 2017
Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie Saison 2

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Drame en trois actes

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Tragédia em Três Actos

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Tragedija u tri čina

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Tragedi Tiga Babak

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三幕の殺人 / 三幕の悲劇 / 三幕殺人事件

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