The Hound of Death
Odhams Press, London, Oct. 1933


Twelve unexplained phenomena with no apparent earthly explanation... A dog-shaped gunpowder mark; an omen from 'the other side'; a haunted house; a chilling seance; a case of split personalities; a recurring nightmare; an eerie wireless message; an elderly lady's hold over a young man; a disembodied cry of 'murder'; a young man's sudden amnesia; a levitation experience; a mysterious SOS.
To discover the answers, delve into the supernatural storytelling of Agatha Christie. A haunting collection of mysteries, from the darker side of Agatha Christie.

short stories

The Hound of Death

The Red Signal

The Grand Magazine, Jun. 1924 ; Novel Magazine, Jun. 1924

Films & TV

The Red Signal, US, 1952
TV drama list
The Red Signal, UK, 1982
Agatha Christie Hour

The Fourth Man

The Grand Magazine, Dec. 1925; Pearson’s Magazine, Dec. 1925


Canon Parfitt • Sir George Durand • Dr Campbell Clark • Felicie Bault • Miss Slater • Maitre Quimbellier • Annette Ravel • Raoul Letardeau • Annette Ravelli

Films & TV

The Fourth Man, UK, 1982
Agatha Christie Hour

The Gypsy

The Lamp


Sunday Chronicle Annual, Dec. 1926
a.k.a. 'Where There's a Will', Mystery Magazine, Mar.1 1926

The Witness for the Prosecution

a.k.a. 'Traitor's Hands', Flynn's Weekly, January 31 1925


The Witness for the Prosecution

The Mystery of the Blue Jar

The Grand Magazine, Jul. 1924; Metropolitan Magazine, 1924; Macfadden Fiction-Lovers Magazine, Mar. 1925

Films & TV

The Mystery of the Blue Jar, UK, 1982
Agatha Christie Hour

The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael

The Call of Wings

The Last Seance

a.k.a. 'The Stolen Ghost', The Sovereign Magazine, Mar. 1927
a.k.a. 'The Woman Who Stole a Ghost', Ghost Stories, Nov. 1926

Films & TV

The Last Seance, US, 1986
TV drama list


The Grand Magazine, Feb. 1926

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