Lord Edgware Dies
To Dr and Mrs Campbell Thompson
Collins, London, Sep. 1933
Dodd Mead, New York, 1933 as "Thirteen at Dinner"
The American Magazine, Mar.-Aug. 1933 as "13 for Dinner"


Poirot had been present when Jane bragged of her plan to 'get rid of' her estranged husband. Now the monstrous man was dead. And yet the great Belgian detective couldn't help feeling he was being taken for a ride.
After all, how could Jane have stabbed Lord Edgware to death in his library at exactly the same time she was seen dining with friends? And what could be her motive now that the aristocrat had finally granted her a divorce?


A Theatrical Party
A Supper Party
The Man with the Gold Tooth
An Interview
The Widow
The Secretary
The Second Death
Jenny Driver
The Egoist
The Daughter
The Nephew
Five Questions
Sir Montagu Corner
Mainly Discussion
The Butler
The Other Man
A Great Lady
The Taxi-Driver
Ronald's Story
Strange Behaviour of Hercule Poirot
The Letter
News from Paris
A Luncheon Party
Concerning Pince-Nez
Poirot Asks a Few Questions
Poirot Speaks
The Story
A Human Document


Hercule Poirot, Captain Hastings, Jane Wilkinson, Lord Edgware, Carlotta Adams, Bryan Martin, Ronald Marsh, Geraldine Marsh, Miss Carroll, Jenny Driver, Ross, Duke of Merton, Ellis, Inspector Japp

Mr Widburn, Mrs Widburn, Sir Montagu Corner, Alice, Doctor Heath

Films & TV

Lord Edgware Dies, UK, 1934
Film list
Thirteen at Dinner, US, 1985
TV drama list
Lord Edgware Dies, ITV/UK, 2000
Agatha Christie's POIROT VII
Le Couteau sur la nuque, FR, 2012
Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie Saison 1

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Collins / HarperCollins








Western Europe covers

Le couteau sur la nuque

French index

Le Masque (#197) 1935

Club des Masques (#135) 1972

Le Livre de Poche (#5419) 1980


Lord Edgware sterft

Dutch index

Dreizehn bei Tisch

German index


Northern Europe covers

Tretton vid bordet

Swedish index

Tretten til bords / Lord Edgwares endeligt

Danish index

Tretten til bords

Norwegian index

Lordin kuolema

Finnish index

Lávarður deyr

Icelandic index

Õhtusöök kolmeteistkümnele / Lord Edgware'i Surm

Estonian index

Lords Edžvers ir miris

Lordo Edžvero mirtis / Lordas Edžveras miršta / Trylika prie pietų stalo

Lithuanian index

Southern Europe covers

Se morisse mio marito

Italian index

La muerte de Lord Edgware

Spanish index

La mort de Lord Edgware

Treze à Mesa / A Morte de Lorde Edgware

Portuguese index

Treze à Mesa

A Morte de Lorde Edgware

Στοίχημα με το διάβολο / Ο θάνατος του λόρδου Έντγκουαρ

Greek index

Lord Edžver je mrtav / Лорд Еџвер умире / Lord Edžver umire

former Yugoslavia index

Smrt Lorda Edgwarea / 13 za stolom

former Yugoslavia index

Trinajst pri večerji

former Yugoslavia index

  • Nesrečna številka 13, Maribor : Mariborski tisk, 1963

Smrt Lorda Edgwarea

former Yugoslavia index

Eastern Europe covers

Lord Edgware zomiera

Slovak index

Lord Edgware umírá / Smrt Lorda Edgwarea

Czech index

Lord Edgware meghal / Lord Edgware rejtélyes halála / Az áruló szemüveg

Hungarian index

Смъртта на лорд Еджуеър

Bulgarian index

Śmierć lorda Edgware'a

Polish index

Lordul Edgware moare / Cuțitul în ceafă / 13 la cina

Romanian index

Смерть лорда Еджвера

Смерть лорда Эджвера / Смерть лорда Эдвера / Тринадцать сотрапезников

Russian index

Middle East & Asian covers

ლორდ ეჯვერის მკვლელობა

Lord Edgware'i Kim Öldürdü? / Birisi Ölecek / Lordun Ölümü

Turkish index

האליבי המושלם

Hebrew index

موت اللورد إدجوير ⁄ الجريمة الكاملة

Arabic index

سيزده نفر سر ميز شامسيزده نفر سر ميز شام ⁄ لرد اجور می میرد ⁄ سیزده نفر سر میز شاملرداجور می میرد ⁄ لرد اجور می‌میرد

A.P. = anno Persico (Persian year); Persian index

(Tamil) அங்கும் இங்கும் கொலை உண்டு / (Malayalam) ഏഡ്ഗ്വയര്‍ പ്രഭുവുന്റെ കൊലപാതകം / (Marathi) लॉर्ड एजवेयर डाईज

Kematian Lord Edgware / Matinya Lord Edgware

Indonesian index

ลอร์ดเอ็ดจ์แวร์ตาย ⁄ ฆ่าลอร์ดเอ็ดจ์แวร์ ⁄ เฉือนคมปัวโรต์

Thai index

Dao kề gáy

Vietnamese index

未亡人 / 伯爵之死 / 不祥的宴會 / 埃奇威尔爵士之死 / 人性记录 / 十三人的晚宴 / 不祥的晚宴

Chinese index








エッジウェア卿の死 / 晩餐会の13人 / エッジウェア卿殺人事件

Japanese index

13인의 만찬 / 만찬회의 13인

Korean index