Absent in the Spring

written under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott
William Collins & Sons, London, Aug. 1944
Farrar & Rinehart, New York, 1944


Returning from a visit to her daughter in Iraq, Joan Scudamore finds herself unexpectedly alone and stranded in an isolated rest house by flooding of the railway track. This sudden solitude compels Joan to assess her life for the first time ever and face up to many of the truths about herself. Looking back over the years, Joan painfully re-examines her attitudes, relationships and actions and becomes increasingly uneasy about the person who is revealed to her...

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Western Europe covers

Loin de vous ce printemps

French index

Verdrängter Verdacht // Ein Frühling ohne dich

German index

Northern Europe covers

Skilda åt i Vårens Tid / Skild från dig i vårens dagar

Swedish index

Yksinäinen kevät

Finnish index

Sust eemal olin kevadel

Estonian index

Šķiršanās pavasarī

Lettish index

Išsiskyrėme pavasarį

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Il deserto del cuore

Italian index

Lejos de ti esta primavera

Spanish index

Ausência na primavera // A Ausência

Portuguese index

Ανοιξιάτικη απουσία

Greek index

Одсутна у пролеће / Odsutna u proleće

former Yugoslavia index

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Odloučeni zjara // Já nebyl u tebe, když přicházelo jaro

Czech index

Távol telt tőled tavaszom

Hungarian index

W samotności // Samotna wiosną / Samotna

Polish index

Frica de adevar

Romanian index

Розлука навесні

Ukrainian index

Разлука весной // Вдали весной

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გაზაფხულზე დაკარგული

Georgian index

Sensiz Bir İlkbahar

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Arabic index

در بهاران از تو دورم

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봄에 나는 없었다

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