A Daughter's a Daughter

written under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott
Heinemann, London, Nov. 1952
Arbor House, New York, 1972


Ann Prentice falls in love with Richard Cauldfield and hopes for her new happiness. Her only child, Sarah, cannot contemplate the idea of her mother marrying again and wrecks any chance of her remarriage. Resentment and jealousy corrode their directions. Are mother and daughter destined to be enemies for life or will their underlying love for each other finally win through?


Full Length Play / Melodrama / More than 120 minutes
Characters: Edith, Ann Prentice, Richard Cauldfield, Dame Laura Whitstable, Sarah Prentice, Jerry Lloyd, Lawrence Steene, Basil Mowbray, Doris Cauldfield

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Ainsi vont les filles

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Le Prix du sacrifice

Gebroken verhouding

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Sie ist meine Tochter

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Kärlekens offer / Mor och dotter

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Tyttären tarina

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Duktė yra duktė

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Una figlia per sempre // Il Destino Degli Altri

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Una hija es una hija

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Filha é Filha // A Filha / Entre mãe e filha

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Ο δεύτερος γάμος

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Ćerka je ćerka

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Dcera je dcera

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A lányom mindig a lányom

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Córeczka // Córka jest córką

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Донька є донька / Дочка є дочка

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Благие намерения // Дочь есть дочь

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Annem ve Ben

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الغيرة القاتلة

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母親的女兒 / 母亲的女儿

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딸은 딸이다

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