The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
Collins, London, Oct. 1960


First came a sinister warning to Poirot not to eat any plum pudding...then the discovery of a corpse in a, an overheard quarrel that led to murder...the strange case of the dead man who altered his eating habits...and the puzzle of the victim who dreamt his own suicide.
What links these six baffling cases? The distinctive hand of the queen of crime fiction.

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

The Sketch, Dec.11 1923

a.k.a. 'Theft of the Royal Ruby'

Films & TV

The Theft of the Royal Ruby, ITV/UK, 1991
Agahta Christie's POIROT III
Meitantei POIROT to MARPLE

The Mystery of The Spanish Chest

Women's Illustrated, Sep.17-Oct.1 1960

Films & TV

The Mystery of the Spanish Chest, ITV/UK, 1991
Agahta Christie's POIROT III

The Under Dog

The London Magazine, Oct. 1926; The Mystery Magazine, Apr. 1926


Hercule Poirot, Lady Astwell, Victor Astwell, Sir Reuben Astwell, Gladys, Humphrey Naylor, Charles

Films & TV

The Under Dog, ITV/UK, 1993
Agahta Christie's POIROT V

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Colliers, Nov. 9, 1940
a.k.a. 'Poirot and the Regular Customer', The Strand Magazine, Mar. 1941

Films & TV

Four and Twenty Blackbirds, ITV/UK, 1989
Agahta Christie's POIROT I
24wa no Kuro-Tsugumi, NHK/JP, 2005
Meitantei POIROT to MARPLE

The Dream

The Saturday Evening Post, Oct. 23 1937; The Strand Magazine, Feb. 1938

Films & TV

The Dream, ITV/UK, 1989
Agahta Christie's POIROT I

Greenshaw's Folly

The Daily Mail, 1956; Woman's Journal, Aug. 1960


Jane Marple, General Easterly, Raymond West, Joan West, Inspector Welch, Louisa "Lou" Oxley, Katherine Dorothy Greenshaw, Nathaniel Greenshaw, Mrs Cresswell, Sergeant Cayley, Mr Naysmith, Horace Bindler, Nat Fletcher, Nettie Fletcher, Harry Fletcher, Alfred Pollock, Thomas Pollock, Laura

Films & TV

Greenshaw's Folly, ITV/UK, 2013
Agatha Christie's MARPLE Season 6

UK/US covers

Collins / HarperCollins




The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

The Mystery of The Spanish Chest

The Under Dog

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

The Dream

Greenshaw's Folly

Western Europe covers

Le Retour D'hercule Poirot / Christmas Pudding

French index

Le Masque (#745) 1962

Club des Masques (#42) 1967

Le Livre de Poche (#6390) 1987

Le Souffre-douleur ou Le Retour d'Hercule Poirot

Christmas Pudding

Le policeman vous dit l'heure

Le Mystère du bahut espagnol

Le mort avait les dents blanches

Le Rêve

Avontuur met een kerst-pudding

Dutch index

Ein diplomatischer Zwischenfall und andere Fälle / Die spanische Truhe

German index

Die spanische Truhe

Das Geheimnis des Weihnachtspuddings


Northern Europe covers

Äventyret med julpuddingen

Swedish index

Vad hände i tornrummet?
Saga Egmont, 2018
Den ödesdigra måltiden
Saga Egmont, 2019
Äventyret med julpuddingen
Saga Egmont, 2018
Saga Egmont, 2018
Mysteriet med den spanska kistan
Saga Egmont, 2018
En klenod till samlingen
Saga Egmont, 2018

Mord i tårnværelset

Danish index

Den mystiske plumpudding

Norwegian index

Seikkaileva jälkiruoka

Finnish index

Ráðgátan um jólabúðinginn

Icelandic index

Piedzīvojums ar Ziemassvētku pudiņu

Kalėdų pudingas

Lithuanian index

Southern Europe covers

Il caso del dolce di Natale e altre storie

Italian index

El pudding de Navidad

Spanish index

El púding de Nadal

A Aventura do Pudim de Natal / A Aventura do Bolo de Natal

Portuguese index

A Aventura do Pudim de Natal

A Aventura do Bolo de Natal

A Aventura do Pudim de Natal

O Mistério do Baú Espanhol

O Reprimido

O Caso das Amoras Pretas

O Sonho

A Extravagância de Greenshaw

Το κλειδί του μυςτηρίου / Η περιπέτεια της χριστουγεννιάτικης πουτίγκας

Greek index

Тајна Божићног пудинга / Tajna božićnog pudinga / Tajna božićnog pudinga i druge avanture Herkula Poaroa

former Yugoslavia index

Pustolovina božićnog pudinga

former Yugoslavia index

Eastern Europe covers

Královský rubín

Czech index

Tympanum, 2012
Tympanum, 2012

A karácsonyi puding

Hungarian index

Приключението на коледния пудинг

Bulgarian index

Tajemnica gwiazdkowego puddingu

Polish index

Puddingul de Craciun

Romanian index

Пригоди різдвяного пудингу

Приключения рождественского пуддинга

Russian index

Глупость Гриншо (Greenshaw's Folly)

Middle East & Asian covers

Noel Kekinin Gizemi

Turkish index

Milad pudinqinin macərası

תעלומת הגופה בשלג

Hebrew index

مغامرة كعكة العيد / جثة على الثلوج

Arabic index

مغامرة كعكة العيد

جثة على الثلوج

رؤیا / ماجرای پودینگ کریسمس / حماقت گرینشاو

Persian index


ماجرای پودینگ کریسمس

حماقت گرینشاو

(Marathi) द अ‍ॅडव्हेंचर ऑफ द ख्रिसमस पुडिंग

India index

Perjamuan Malam Natal / Skandal Perjamuan Natal

Indonesian index

สี่คดีฆาตกรรม / 4คดีฆาตกรรม

Thai index



雪地上的女尸 / 哪個聖誕布丁?

Chinese index




Japanese index

크리스마스 푸딩의 모험

Korean index