The Hollow
For Larry and Danae
With apologies for using their swimming pool as the scene of a murder
Collins, London, Nov. 1946
Dodd, Mead & Co., New York, 1946
Collier's Weekly, May.4-25 1946 as 'The Outraged Heart'
a.k.a. "Murder after Hours"


Lucy Angkatell invites Hercule Poirot to lunch. To tease the great detective, her guests stage a mock murder beside the swimming pool. Unfortunately the victim plays the scene for real. As his blood drips into the water, John Christow gasps one final word: 'Henrietta'. In the confusion, a gun sinks to the bottom of the pool"
Poirot's enquiries reveal a complex web of romantic attachments. It seems everyone in the drama is a suspect - and each a victim of love.


Hercule Poirot • David Angkatell • Edward Angkatell • Sr Henry Angkatell • Kady Lucy Angkatell • Gerda Christow • Dr. John Christow • Zena Christow • Beryl Collins • Veronica Cray • Inspector Grange • Mr. Gudgeon • Midge Hardcastle • Elsie Patterson • Doris Saunders • Henrietta Savernake

The Hollow (play)

Full Length Play / Drama(Mystery/Thriller) / More than 120 minutes
dramatised by Agatha Christie
Presented by Peter Saunders at the Fortune Theatre, London, on 7th June 1951, with the following cast of characters: (in the order of their appearance)

Henrietta AngkatellBeryl Baxter
Sir Henry Angkatell, KCBGeorge Thorpe
Lady AngkatellJeanne de Casalis
Midge HarveyJessica Spencer
Edward AngkatellColin Douglas
DorisPatricia Jones
Gerda CristowFoan Newell
John Cristow, MD, FRCPErnest Clark
Veronica CrayeDianna Foster
Inspector Colquhoun, CIDMartin Wyldeck
Detective Sergeant PennyShaw Taylor

The play directed by Hubert Gregg
The play was subsequently transferred to the Ambassadors Theatre

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