Three Blind Mice and Other Stories

Dodd, Mead, New York, 1948

Three Blind Mice

Strange Jest

see "Miss Marple's Final Cases"

The Tape-Measure Murder

see "Miss Marple's Final Cases"

The Case of the Perfect Maid

see "Miss Marple's Final Cases"

The Case of the Caretaker

see "Miss Marple's Final Cases"

The Third Floor Flat

see "Poirot's Early Cases"

The Adventure of Johnny Waverly

see "Poirot's Early Cases"

Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds

see "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding"

The Love Detectives

see "Problem at Pollensa Bay"

UK/US covers

Dodd, Mead





Western Europe covers

Trois souris...

French index

Le Masque (#1786) 1985

Club des Masques (#582) 1987

Le Livre de Poche (#6288) 1987


De Muizeval en andere verhalen

Dutch index

Die Mausefalle und andere Fallen

German index

Northern Europe covers

Tre blinda möss

Swedish index

Tre blinde mus

Norwegian index


Finnish index

Þrjár blindar mýs

Icelandic index

Southern Europe covers

Tre topolini ciechi e altre storie

Italian index

Tres ratones ciegos

Spanish index

Tres ratolins cecs

Os Três Ratos Cegos e Outras Histórias / A Ratoeira(ou Três Ratos Cegos) e Outras histórias

Portuguese index

Η ποντικοπαγίδα

Greek index

Три слепа миша и друге приче // Tri corava misa i druge price

former Yugoslavia index

Tri slijepa miša

former Yugoslavia index

Tri slijepa miša i druge priče

former Yugoslavia index

Tre minj të verbër

Eastern Europe covers

Tři slepé myšky

Czech index

Három vak egér

Hungarian index


Три слепи мишлета

Bulgarian index

Trzy ślepe myszki

Polish index

Три сліпих мишеняти та інші розповіді

Три слепых мышонка и другие рассказы

Russian index

Middle East & Asian covers

Fare Kapanı

Turkish index

ثلاثة فئران عمياء وقصص أخرى

Arabic index

3 موش کور

A.P. = anno Persico (Persian year); Persian index


Thai index

三只瞎老鼠 / 捕鼠器

Chinese index

愛の探偵たち / 二十四羽の黒ツグミ

Japanese index


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