Death Comes as the End
Dear Stephen,
It was you who originally suggested to me the idea of a detective story set in Ancient Egypt, and but for your active help and encouragement this book would never have been written.
I want to say here how much I have enjoyed all the interesting literature you have lent me and to thank you once more for the patience with which you have answered my qustions and for the time and trouble you have expended. The pleasure and interest which the writing of the book has brought to me you already know.
Your affectionate and grateful friend, Agatha Christie
Collins, London, Mar. 1945
Dodd, Mead, New York, Oct. 1944


It is Egypt in 2000 BC, where death gives meaning to life. At the foot of a cliff lies the broken, twisted body of Nofret, concubine to a Ka-priest. Young, beautiful and venomous, most agree that she deserved to die like a snake.
Yet Renisenb, the priest's daughter, believes that the woman's death was not fate, but murder. Increasingly, she becomes convinced that the source of evil lurks within her own father's household.


Esa, Henet, Hori, Imhotep, Ipy, Kait, Kameni, Divine Father Mersu, Nofret, Renisenb, Satipy, Sobek, Yahmose

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La mort n'est pas une fin

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Le Masque (#511) 1955

Club des Masques (#90) 1970

Le Livre de Poche (#6115) 1985


En het einde is de dood

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Rächende Geister

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Slutet blir döden

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Det ender med død / Det ender med mord

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Det ender med døden / Det ender med mord

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Kaikki päättyy kuolemaan

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Eitt sinn skal hver deyja

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Surm lõpetab kõik

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Paskui ateina mirtis

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C'era una volta

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La Venganza de Nofret

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La mort, certament

A Morte Não é o Fim / E no Final a Morte / Morrer não é o Fim

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E no Final a Morte

Morrer não é o Fim

A Morte Não é o Fim

Τ' άστρα μιλούν για θάνατο / ΣΤΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΕΡΧΕΤΑΙ Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ

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Nofret se sveti / Смрт долази на крају / Smrt dolazi kao kraj / Smrt dolazi na kraju

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Smrt kao kraj / Smrt dolazi na kraju

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Smrt pride na koncu

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Smrt kao kraj

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Nakoniec príde smrť

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Nakonec přijde smrt

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És eljű a halál...

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Накрая идва смъртта

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Zakończeniem jest śmierć

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Moartea vine ca un sfârşit

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Смерть приходить наприкінці

Смерть приходит в конце / Месть Нофрет

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სიკვდილი ბოლოს მოდის

Firavun Ağacı / 4000 Yıl Önce İşlenen Cinayet / Yılan İçini Döktü / Sonunda Ölüm Geldi

Turkish index

המוות בא לבסוף

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مرگ نقطه پایان ⁄ مرگ نقطه ی پایانمرگ، فرجام كار است

A.P. = anno Persico (Persian year); Persian index

نهاية المطاف / ابنة الفراعنة ⁄ في النهاية يأتي الموت ⁄ الموت يأتى فى النهايةفى النهاية يأتى الموت ⁄ غادة طيبة

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Ledakan Dendam

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ฆาตกรรมยุคฟาโรห์ ⁄ ซ้อนกลฆาตกรรม ⁄ ย้อนกาลฆาตกรรม

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Chết chưa phải là hết / Tận cùng là cái chết

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死亡終局 / 死亡终局 / 死亡終有時

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마지막으로 죽음이 온다

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