Black Coffee

Full Length Play / Dramatic Comedy(Mystery/Thriller) / More than 120 minutes
written in 1930
Alfred Ashley, Nov. 1934
Samuel French, London, Jul. 1952


Hercule Poirot • Tredwell • Lucia Amory • Miss Caroline Amory • Richard Amory • Barbara Amory • Edward Raynor • Dr. Carelli • Sir Claud Amory • Captain Arthur Hastings • Dr. Graham • Inspector Japp • Johnson

Films & TV

Black Coffee, UK, 1931
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Le Coffret de laque, FR, 1932
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Black Coffee, W.Germany, 1973
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Black Coffee (Novelize)

adapted as a novel by Charles Osborne, 1997

Sir Claud Amory has discoverd the formula for a new powerful explosive, which is stolen by one of the large household of relatives and friends.
Locking everyone in the library, Sir Claud switches off the lights to allow the thief to replace the formula on the table, no questions asked.
When the lights come on, he is dead, and Hercule Poirot - with assistance from Hastings and Inspector Japp - has to unravel a tangle of family feuds, old flames and suspicious foreigners to find the killer and prevent a global catastrophe.

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Novelisation by Charles Osborne

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Black coffee

French index

Le Masque (#2451) 2001

Le Livre de Poche (#14707) 1999

Zwarte koffie

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Black coffee

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Mörk Brygd

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Sort kaffe

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Hercule Poirot ja salainen kaava

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Must kohv

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Juoda kava

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Black Coffee / Un caffè nero per Poirot

Italian index

Café solo

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Café preto / Café negro

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Πικρός καφές / Καφές Σκέτος

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Crna kafa

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Crna kava

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Černá káva

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Черно кафе

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Czarna kawa

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Cafeaua Neagra

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Черный кофе

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Acı Kahve

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Qara Qəhvə

Azerbaijan index

القهوة السوداء / فنجان قهوة

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القهوة السوداء

فنجان قهوة

(Marathi) ब्लॅक कॉफी

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ব্ল্যাক কফি / কালো কফি

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කළු කෝපි

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