Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
To Christopher Mallock
in memory of Hinds
Collins, London, Sep. 1934
Dodd, Mead, New York, 1935 as "The Boomerang Clue"
Redbook Magazine, Nov. 1933 as 'The Boomerang Clue'


While playing an erratic round of golf, Bobby Jones slices his ball over the edge od a cliff. His ball is lost, but on the rocks below he finds the crumpled body of a dying man. With his final breath the man opens his eyes and says: 'Why didn't they ask Evans?'
Haunted by these words, Bobby and his vivacious companion, Frankie, set out to solve a mystery that will bring them into mortal danger.


1. The Accident
2. Concerning Fathers
3. A Railway Journey
4. The Inquest
5. Mr and Mrs Cayman
6. End of a Picnic
7. An Escape from Death
8. Riddle of a Photograph
9. Concerning Mr Bassington-ffrench
10. Preparations for an Accident
11. THe Accident Happens
12. In the Enemy's Camp
13. Alan Carstairs
14. Dr Nicholson
15. A Discovery
16. Bobby Becomes a Solicitor
17. Mrs Rivington Talks
18. The Girl of the Photograph
19. A Council of Three
20. Council of Two
21. Roger Answers a Question
22. Another Victim
23. Moira Disappears
24. On the Track of the Caymans
25. Mr Spragge Talks
26. Nocturnal Adventure
27. 'My Brother was Murdered'
28. At the Eleventh Hour
29. Badger's Story
30. Escape
31. Frankie Asks a Question
32. Evans
33. Sensation in the Orient Café
34. Letter from America
35. News from the Vicarage


Robert "Bobby" Jones, Lady Frances (Frankie) Derwent, Dr. George Arbuthnot, Henry Bassington-ffrench, Roger Bassington-ffrench, Sylvia Bassington-ffrench, Tommy Bassington-ffrench, Badger Beadon, Alan Carstairs, Amelia Cayman, Leo Cayman, Reverend Thomas Jones, Lord Marchington, Dr. Nicholson, Moira Nicholson, Gladys Roberts, Frederick Spragge, Inspector Williams

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UK/US covers

Collins / HarperCollins

Dodd, Mead / Grosset & Dunlap / Putnam







Western Europe covers

Pourquoi pas Evans?

French index

Le Masque (#241) 1937

Club des Masques (#9) 1966

Le Livre de Poche (#5671) 1982


Waarom Evans niet?

Dutch index

Ein Schritt ins Leere

German index


Northern Europe covers

Varför bad de inte Evans?

Swedish index

Hændeligt uheld? / Hvorfor spurgte de ikke Evans?

Danish index

Hvorfor spurte de ikke Evans?

Norwegian index

Askel tyhjyyteen

Finnish index


Hver er Evans?

Icelandic index

Miks nad ei kutsunud Evansit?

Estonian index

Kodėl nepaprašė Evans?

Lithuanian index

Southern Europe covers

Perché non l'hanno chiesto a Evans? / Ritratto di Ignota

Italian index

Trayectoria de Boomerang / Trayectoria de Bumerán

Spanish index

Trayectoria de Boomerang

Trayectoria de Bumerán

Cursa de bumerang / La cursa del bumerang

Por que Não Pediram a Evans? / Perguntem a Evans

Portuguese index

Por que não Pediram a Evans?

Perguntem a Evans

Porque não Pediram a Evans?

Οκτώ κόκκοι μορφίνης (Γιατί δεν ρώτησαν την Έβανς)

Greek index

Зашто нису питали Еванса? / Zasto nisu pitali Evansa?

former Yugoslavia index

Zašto nisu pitali Evansa?

former Yugoslavia index

Zakaj ne Evans?

former Yugoslavia index

Zašto nisu pitali Evansa?

former Yugoslavia index

Eastern Europe covers

Proč nepožádali Evanse?

Czech index

Miért nem szóltak Evansnak? / Miért nem hívták Evanst?

Hungarian index

Защо не повикаха Евънс?

Bulgarian index

Dlaczego nie Evans?

Polish index

De ce nu l-au intrebat pe Evans? / De ce nu i-au cerut lui Evans?

Romanian index

Чому не Еванс?

Ответ знает Эванс / Почему не позвали Уилби? / Почему не Эванс?

Russian index

Middle East & Asian covers

Neden Evas'a Sormadılar? / Evans Nerede / Ceset Dedi Ki / Esrarlı Kayalık / Evans'a Neden Sormadılar / Uçurumdan Aşağı

Turkish index

כדור בשדה הגולף / למה לא ביקשו את אוואנס

Hebrew index

لماذا لم يسألوا إيفانز؟

Arabic index

چرا از ایوانز نخواستند؟ ⁄ چرا از اوانس نپرسيدند؟

A.P. = anno Persico (Persian year); Persian index

මාරයකුගේ පාපොච්චාරණය

Pembunuh di Balik Kabut / Langkah-langkah Maut

Indonesian index

พยาบาท..ฆาตกรรม ⁄ ฆาตกรย้อนรอย

Thai index

Tại sao không là Evans? / Người trong ảnh

Vietnamese index

悬崖上的谋杀 / 為什麼不找伊文斯?

Chinese index



なぜ、エヴァンズに頼まなかったのか? / 謎のエヴァンズ / 謎のエヴァンズ殺人事件

Japanese index

부머랭 살인사건 / 수수께끼의 에반스 / 왜 이밴스에게 부탁 안했지

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