Passenger to Frankfurt
To Margaret Guillaume
Collins, London, Sep. 1970
Dodd, Mead & Co., New York, 1970


When a bored diplomat is approached in a black airport by a woman whose life is in danger, his interest is aroused. In a moment of weakness, he agrees to lend her his passport and boarding ticket.
Suddenly, Stafford Nye's own life is on the line. For he has unwittingly entered a web of international intrigue, from which the only escape is to outwit the Countess von Waldsausen - a power-crazed spider, hell-bent on world domination.


BOOK 1: Interrupted Journey
1. Passenger to Frankfurt • 2. London • 3. The Man from the Cleaners • 4. Dinner with Eric • 5. Wagnerian Motif • 6. Portrait of a Lady • 7. Advice from Great-Aunt Matilda • 8. An Embassy Dinner • 9. The House near Godalming
BOOK 2: Journey to Siegfried
10. The Woman in the Schloss • 11. The Young and the Lovely • 12. Court Jester
BOOK 3: At Home and Abroad
13. Conference in Paris • 14. Conference in London • 15. Aunt Matilda Takes a Cure • 16. Pikeaway Talks • 17. Herr Heinrich Spiess • 18. Pikeaway's Postscript • 19. Sir Stafford Nye Has Visitors • 20. The Admiral Visits an Old Friend • 21. Project Benvo • 22. Juanita • 23. Journey to Scotland


Lord Edward • Altamount • Karl Arguilerus • Cliford Bent • Admiral Philip Blunt • Lady Mathilda Checkheaton • Mildred Jean Cortman • Sam Cortman • Dr. Donaldson • Professor Eckstein • Monsieur le President Grosjean • Henry Horsham • Sir James Kleek • Cedric Lazenby • Amy Leatheran • Lisa Neumann • Sir Stafford Nye • Colonel Ephraim Pikeaway • Eric Pugh • Dr. Reichardt • Mr. Robinson • Robert Shoreham • Herr Heinrich Spiess • Signor Vitelli • the Grafin Charlotte von Waldsausen • Countess Renata Zerkowski

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Passager pour Francfort

French index

Le Masque (#1321) 1974

Club des Masques (#483) 1982

Le Livre de Poche

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Passagier voor Frankfurt

Dutch index

Passagier nach Frankfurt

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Passagerare till Frankfurt

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Passager til Frankfurt

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Salaperäinen matkustaja

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Farþegi til Frankfurt

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Saladuslik reisija

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Pasažieris uz Frankfurti

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Keleivis į Frankfurtą

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Passeggero per Francoforte

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Pasajero para Frankfurt / Pasajero para Fráncfort

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Pasajero para Fráncfort

Pasajero para Frankfurt

Destinació Frankfurt

Passageiro para Frankfurt // Destino: Frankfurt

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Ταξιδιώτης για τη Φρανκφούρτη / Επιβάτης για Φρανκφούρτη

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Ταξιδιώτης για τη Φρανκφούρτη

Επιβάτης για Φρανκφούρτη

Putnik za Frankfurt

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Putnik za Frankfurt

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Potnica iz Frankfurta

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Cestující do Frankfurtu

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A frankfurti utas

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Пътник за Франкфурт

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Pasażer do Frankfurtu

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Pasager spre Frankfurt

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Пассажир из Франкфурта

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ფრანკფურტის მგზავრი

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Benim Adım Ölüm / Frankfurt Yolcusu

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מסתרי הנסיעה לפרנקפורט

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راكب إلى فرانكفورت / سيدة القصر / سر فتاة المطار

Arabic index

راكب إلى فرانكفورت

سيدة القصر

سر فتاة المطار

مُسَافِر إلى فرَانْكفُورْت

مسافر فرانکفورت

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Penumpang ke Frankfurt

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แฟรงก์เฟิร์ต แผนล้างโลก / แผนอุบาทว์ / เหตุเกิดที่แฟรงค์เฟิร์ต

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แฟรงก์เฟิร์ต แผนล้างโลก



Chuyến Bay FrankFurtt / Hành khách quá cảnh Frăngfooc

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Chuyến Bay FrankFurt

Hành khách quá cảnh Frăngfooc

天涯過客 / 天涯过客 / 法蘭克福機場怪客

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프랑크푸르트행 승객

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