Problem at Pollensa Bay
HarperCollins, London, Nov. 1991


All great crime writers have their favourite creations. Similarly, every great sleuth has his own preferred method of deduction.
Take the charming Parker Pyne, who relies upon an intuitive knowledge of human nature to solve the Problem at Pollensa Bay. Or Mr Satterthwaite, who seeks inspiration through his collaboration with the enigmatic Mr Quin in The Harlequin Tea Set mystery. Then, of course, there's Poirot whose measured analysis of motive and opportunity is tested to the full in Yellow Iris, when he receives an anonymous call about a matter of life and death.

short stories

Problem at Pollensa Bay

Strand Magazine, Nov. 1936
a.k.a. 'Siren Business', Liberty, 1936

The Second Gong

Strand Magazine, Jul. 1932; Ladies Home Journal, Jun. 1932

This story was expanded in 1937 into 'Dead Man's Mirror'.

Yellow Iris

Strand Magzine, Jul. 1937


Radio Play / Melodrama / 30 minutes
Characters: Hercule Poirot, Pauline Weatherby, Señora Lola Valdez, Barton Russell, Anthony Chappell, Stephen Carter, waiter, cloakroom attendant, compére

Films & TV

Yellow Iris, ITV/UK, 1993
Agahta Christie's POIROT V

The Harlequin Tea Set

Winter's Crimes #3, 1971

The Regatta Mystery

a.k.a. 'Poirot and the Regatta Mystery', Strand Magzine, Jun. 1936

The Love Detectives

a.k.a. 'At the Crossroads', The Story-Teller, Dec. 1926; Flynn's Weekly, October 30 1926

Next to a Dog

Grand Magzine, Sep. 1929

Magnolia Blossom

Royal Magazine, Mar. 1926

Films & TV

Magnolia Blossam, UK, 1982
Agatha Christie's Hour

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other publishers

Yellow Iris (play)

Western Europe covers

Le second coup de gong

French index

Die mörderische Teerunde // Die Uhr war Zeuge / Paradies Pollensa Kurzgeschichten

German index

Northern Europe covers

Gul iris och andra mysterier

Swedish index

Problemer i Pollensa

Norwegian index

Toinen kutsu

Finnish index

Juhtum Pollensa Bays ja teisi jutte

Estonian index

Problēma Polensas līcī

Lettish index

Dilema Polensos kurorte

Lithuanian index

Southern Europe covers

Intrigo alle Baleari e altre storie

Italian index

Problema en Pollensa

Spanish index

O Caso da Baía de Pollensa

Portuguese index

Μικρές Ιστορίες Μυστηρίου / Το μυαλό της αλεπούς (Πρόβλημα στον κόλπο της Πολένσα)

Greek index

Κίτρινες ίριδες κι άλλες ιστορίες

Το μυαλό της αλεπούς

Πουέρτο Ντε Πογιένσα

Μικρές Ιστορίες Μυστηρίου

Problem u zalivu Polensa / Проблем у Поленси

former Yugoslavia index

Eastern Europe covers

Potíže v zálivu Pollensa

Czech index

A Pollensa-öböl / A pollensai probléma

Hungarian index

Detektywi w służbie miłości

Polish index

Problemă în golful Pollensa

Romanian index

Второй удар гонга // Случай в Поллензе

Russian index

Middle East & Asian covers

Cinayet Randevusu

Turkish index

مشكلة في خليج بولينسا

Arabic index

گرفتاری در خلیج پولنسا

Persian index

Masalah di Teluk Pollensa

Indonesian index


Thai index

神秘的第三者 / 情牽波倫沙

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